Pho Vinh Noodle Soup is not your typical Vietnamese Restaurant.  We use fresh, quality ingredients to serve you a wonderful meal.  Most of our food items are made from scratch, including our chicken-based Pho broth (24 hour process) and our crunchy Pork Egg Rolls.  What makes our Pho unique is that we offer a variety of meat and vegetable toppings for your to customize your own Pho bowls.  Our fresh-wrapped Spring Rolls are always made to order so you can taste the crisp lettuce.  We also offer “no starch” options, such as our “Joe’s Foe Soup”, which substitutes the noodles for shredded cabbage, broccoli, or carrots.  If soup is not your thing, we have other options that are just as tasty!

We are a fast-casual restaurant.  Customers order at the counter and are given a number.  Once you have chosen a table, please display the table number so we can find you quickly with your delicious food.  We have self-serve stations where you will find your fountain drinks, utensils, sauces, and take home containers. See you all soon!

– Joseph, Tammy, and Pho Vinh “Sou-Pho” Hero Staff

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  1. Thien says:

    Amazing People and just a very welcoming enviroment! You walk in, see the place, taste the food, and you just fall in love! I love it

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